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[16AUG2021] Microsoft Flight Simulator and PACX/SC2

August 16, 2021

Hello! At the moment, there is an issue with Sim Update 5 of Microsoft Flight Simulator where altitude is read outside of the sim at a different value than what it should be (up to 2500ft away from where it should be) which may lead to issues with detection of the correct phases of flight in both PACX and smartCARS 2 and many users are reporting such issues. Until a time.

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[08JUL2021] Windows 7/Windows 8 End of Support

July 08, 2021

As we create new products, we would like to take advantage of more modern technology which older operating systems do not support. These older operating systems often have major security issues and no longer support modern security practices.

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Introducing Invernyx

May 25, 2021

Good Afternoon everyone! As of May 25th, 2021, TFDi Corp is no longer the name of our parent company. As a result of this, we are now known as Invernyx, Inc.

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