TFDi Design is a Flight Simulation-based technology and software development company. Our project types vary, but revolve around the concept of bringing efficiency and modern technology into the flight simulation world. TFDi Design has a strong foundation in the virtual airline community and proudly represents itself as a growing community member.

TFDi Corp

TFDi Design is a legally registered name operating under the ownership of Florida-registered corporation TFDi Corp. More information on TFDi Corp can be found at http://tfdicorp.com.

Mission Statement

To create quality products that revolve around carefully planned and executed development and utilize modern technology to push the limits of what is considered possible.

Support Hours

The following times are when support is expected to be available and to respond within industry standard times. All times in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Monday - Friday: 10AM-8PM

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Please note: Our support office is also closed on all United States Federal Holidays.


Below are the individuals who play an integral role in company operation and/or product development.

Collin Biedenkapp, President/Lead Programmer

Collin began the company in late 2009, originally as a freeware effort. He is responsible for the majority of the company's programming and code work and is known to stay up well into the midnight hours coding.

Brandon Filer, Vice President/Graphic Artist and UI Programmer

Brandon has been with TFDi Design for several years and is responsible for much of the company's graphic design work and user interface development. He is notorious for his ability to spot a single pixel out of place at a glance.

Joshua Mendoza, Community Manager

Josh is our wildcard - experienced in multiple areas and well connected, he works as our customer support and specializes in quality assurance, product development consultation, feature review, and feedback control.

Brandon Olivo, Business Consultant/Sound Engineer

Brandon, as a musician and producer, has an unbeatable ear. He reviews, processes, and masters various audio for our projects. He also has a background in law, which allows him to assist with contracts and business operations.

Martyn Becker, Flight Dynamics Specialist

Martyn, a veteran developer, creates and tunes flight performance and characteristics for our aircraft.

Henry Chen, Programmer

Henry, who is very knowledgeable in radar technology, is a programmer who specializes in radar gauge code. He also works as our forum administrator.

Joshua Che, Programmer

Joshua is our resident Flight Management System and aeronautical math expect. He is responsible for some of the advanced calculations and navigation systems in our aircraft.

Sam Gallacher, Support Technician

Sam is our dedicated support technician. You'll find him mainly answering tickets and helping with support wherever needed.