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A Modern Take on a Classic Trijet

Introducing the MD-11

With refined processes and technologies, we have embarked on the journey of creating an MD-11 simulation even the most experienced enthusiasts and pilots will enjoy.

Simulation Support

As of now, we intend to natively support the following simulators from release:

  • Prepar3D Version 4
  • Prepar3D Version 5
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS)

It is a possiblity that older simulator platforms will be supported, but we do not want the potential of the product to be limited by designing it around dated systems:

  • Prepar3D Version 1
  • Prepar3D Version 2
  • Prepar3D Version 3
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X


Upcoming Features

Our suggestions forum is a place to suggest features you would like to see included. Our developers will regularly review these requests. The list below will be updated and made more specific as development progresses.

  • Highly accurate 3D models
  • High resolution textures (PBR in platforms that support it)
  • Accurate flight dynamics
  • Full FMS simulation (SID, STAR, airways, performance calculations)
  • Full autoflight system simulation (NAV, PROF, etc.)
  • Accurate onboard system simulation
  • Authentic system and engine sounds (courtesy of Turbine Sound Studios)

Be sure to check our our blog and Twitch for further updates.


The product will be offered in packages to allow you to select the exact features and options you want.

If you purchase either the cargo or passenger base pack, the other package is available for the reduced rate.

The Extended Simulation Package will include operational failures, an advanced custom failures menu, and some circuit breaker functionality.

  • Base Pack (Cargo or Passenger): $70 USD
  • Expansion (The One You Did Not Purchase Already): $10
  • Extended Simulation Package: $5

Technical Information

An internet connection will be required to download and activate the product.

The Collector's Edition

For the month of December, a special Collector's Edition is available for pre-purchase. For one set price of $80 USD, get all packages AND the pre-sale exclusive MD-11ER variant (it will never be sold outside of this presale). The presale is limited to a maximum of 1,000 copies.

You can also get:

  • A serialized purchase certificate with your serial number on it
  • A special house livery
  • Guaranteed beta access
  • Access to exclusive Discord channels to see early development updates